Frownies – The Natural Alternative to Botox. The Only Non Toxic Wrinkle Remover


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This is one night wearing chest frownies.  The key is to be consistent.  The best part is that you can wear this for 3 hours before an event and it works temporarily.

This is one night wearing the Silc Skin Decolette Pad.  The key is to be consistent. The best part is that you can wear this for 3 hours before an event and it works temporarily.


chest frownies






This is one night of wearing frownies.  Imagine after 30 consistent nights!

I’ve been meaning to do a review of Frownies for a long time and keep procrastinating.  I’ll tell you why……………………..I always like to see pictures of what results are achieved from a product.  The first time I tried Frownies I knew that I was on to something.

When clients come in to ask me to help with fine lines and wrinkles I tell them that there literally is only one thing that will help them naturally to erase a wrinkle.  You can go and spend THOUSANDS of dollars and so many do.  I’ve seen horror stories, some in my own family that have to go have surgery just to repair what was supposed to fix the lines in the first place.  Next thing you know they are addicted just like Michael Jackson was or the women in Beverly Hills.  Sorry, that’s not my cup of tea.

These have been around for more than 120 years, they are referred to as Hollywood’s best kept beauty secret and it makes total sense why.  These totally work.  And yes again I have pics to prove it but Lisa does not look attractive at all in selfies and so I refuse to post them!!  I am extremely critical of myself, probably why I got into this business in the first place, I like perfection lol!  There is one specific thing that I state to people before I sell these to clients.  They have to be consistent.  If they aren’t, these are just not going to work for them.

The way these work? Picture brown paper bag or a band aid.  It’s the concept of taping the area smooth with tape or a band aid.  I know many that have tried it before coming to purchase the real deal.  Problem?  Tape residue on the face, looks pretty funny the next day, especially after scrubbing for an hour trying to remove the residue.  This is made from Kraft Paper (like a lunch bag) and has vegetable glue on the back to ensure it sticks. Totally natural, that’s what I love!  You massage the area that you want to be smoothed out for a minute or so.  Dampen the area with water or rose water from Frownies.  Make sure that you stretch the skin to make sure that the line is smoothed out as much as possible and place the Frownie on the line.  Hold for maybe a minute and wear for as little as 3 hours before a function to as much as a good night’s 8 hour sleep.  These must be worn for 30 days every night in order for the line not to re-appear during the day.  They are retraining what you have trained your face to do and it took a long time to get there, it’s going to take a while for it to disappear.  Then you can wear them for just 4 nights a week after the first month and continue to do so.  There are 144 patches in a package for $22.  These last forever.  Except for one of my clients that wear 8 a night.  Hey they work, why not?  What else is going to get rid of lines?  Your moisturizer no matter how great will not erase lines.  I know, I’ve tried them all.  That’s why I am obsessed with Frownies.  And you will be too.

Here is the text no word of a lie after I brought them for her to try when visiting her in California: OMG……Frownies are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! I have really deep wrinkles on my forehead…..& gone! Well practically anyway . What is in those? How do they do that? And where do I buy them? Going to get a truck load lol! That is one of the BEST things anyone has ever given me!! Love Love Love……

They have many different types, my favourite?  The chest wrinkle gel pads.  They work amazing, I have a ton of sun damage from all the years of baby oil and sunburns in the 80’s.  Consistency is the key………….Here is the link to purchase them:

Cool story, a 43 year old woman called me the other day and asked if I sold Frownies.  I said yes and she had to drive over 45 minutes to the spa to buy them.  When she came in, she told me that she tried to book Botox that day with her friend with a nurse.  The friend got in, she didn’t and was on a wait list.  I was so happy that she started obsessively looking up how to treat wrinkles online.  It lead her to Frownies.  She couldn’t believe how cost effective these were compared to Botox, never mind the long term health implications (who knows what they will be?)  She was going through a separation with 3 kids and felt like she was frowning a lot!  These also can be worn by a 20 year old that wants to prevent wrinkles.  You can bet that I will be getting my own daughters into wearing these at night once they need to start their beauty regimen.   If you want any of the products that I write about, just email me at  I can ship anything you need Canada Wide. Phone number is (647) 282-3494. Have you tried these and what were your results?


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